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Michele Innocente make projections and video for entertainment and information industry since 2005.

He has worked with important directors and compositors (D.Abbado, F.Micheli, J.Janulite and C.Ciceri among others).

He has the competences that are needed to build a show from the beginning to the final result: conception, edition and manage of the videos during the show.

Aesthetic, style, design and attention to details are the main points on wich Michele Innocente focuses his work.

He has abilities in mapping, tracking, color correction, morphing, particle, stop motion, green screen elements techniques and 3D using the software After Effects and Cinema 4D.

He likes theatre, listen to music and he plays guitar and squash.

Michele Innocente is graduated in “Multimedia sciences and technologies” (2008).






Tel: 340-0035268


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